Friday, April 18, 2008

installation at CAA April 2008


lightsweetcrude, namelessfaceless, bromide, day2day, postscript, fadingarcade, bellyofthewhale, twisted50s, rootofallevil


Sally Jones said...

love them so much all of them the big white one the X twisted fifties the persimmon and the beloved fu dog and all of them makes me want to go get them and bring them back home and hide them somewhere

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling that white one.

Matthew said...

look great all formalized together.

what is CAA, by the ways?


shinsky said...

caa is creative artists agency....they represent actors, muscians,,,entertainers ingeneral...they have a death star of a building (lotsa glass and slickness) with an amazing collection of contemporary art housing a bundle of l.a. artists. this "hallway" has a monthly rotating schedule. reception is tuesday the 22nd from 7:30 to 9..... 2000 avenue of the stars